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Something set my mind free here
Of a person who is self-aware of beauty
That said, "if your mind is free, my intelligent beauty is here"
Indeed to appreciate is our duty!

Amazing stuff...
Good luck!
Wonderful gallery!  Thank you for sharing!
yasinali Mar 20, 2014  New member
I think you photography is amazing and you are a very beautiful young woman and I hope you continue to do so.
soo... you are selling "sexy" photos as a set?? hmm... why not "normal" photos... why is everyone into this "nude" stuff?
i am sure that art is still art without naked girls... just beautiful stuff... or pretty girls with pretty clothing... dont you think?
everyone here calling himself "artist" is doing nude stuff... so its nothing special anymore... be different!! :D
MordsithCara Mar 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
Clearly you haven't looked through all of my images. I model for a wide range of styles, and not always nude. And "sexy" doesn't always equate to "nude", just as "normal" doesn't always equate to "clothed". A woman can be incredibly sexy while fully clothed. And I have sets for sale in which I am fully clothed throughout all of the images.
well... you made your point clear but didnt answer my "why nude stuff" question!
to me your answer sounds like "i like to by nude too and i like to see myself like this for money".
nice... really... if you feel compfy with this way of putting yourself into public...
i think its sad... girls can be pretty and can be a good model without being nude...
you are soo soo welcome here i think...
have fun...
MordsithCara Mar 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
Why nude stuff? Because, why not? The female form is beautiful and should be celebrated.
ah... i see... its art... more nude = more art!
ok... whatever... who cares...

but dont complain if boys are talking dirty to you because of your photos!
its up to you how you want to be seen here in public...

but i can tell you... nude stuff doesnt mean you are a better artist...
you know that right?

well... you are surely very welcome here... there are plenty more like you...
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